Feb 28, 2009

Choosing The Perfect Baby Name

Parents put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect name for their new baby. Sometimes it can take awhile for both parents to agree on something. Ultimately, you want to decide on something special that you and your child will love.

Here are some important things parents should consider when naming their baby.
  • Make sure the baby name you choose sounds good with your last name. Having the first name end in the same initial as the beginning of the last name can make pronunciation difficult. If you have other children, make sure it sounds good next to their name as well.
  • Make sure your baby's initials won't spell something inappropriate or your child will no doubt be picked on.
  • Having a unique name is important to some parents, but make sure your baby's name is not so unique that it might become a nuisance to your child as they grow older. People with unusual names can often be the brunt of jokes.
  • Think about what your baby's name will sound like when they get older. A 50 year old named Cloud may sound funny, so make sure the name you pick will be appropriate at any age.
  • For the sake of your baby, you should avoid choosing a baby name that will encourage mean nicknames. You want to love your baby's name, but you want your baby to be happy with their name too.
  • Choose a name that can be spelled and pronounced without too much difficulty. Having to correct everyone on the spelling or pronunciation of your name for your whole life can become annoying.
  • If your family has any naming traditions, you may want to consider following them. Naming your baby after a favorite family relative or in honor of a deceased relative can be special also.
  • Use a baby name book and read the meanings of each name. You may want to choose a name with a special meaning.

Most importantly, make sure you decide on a name that you love. You and your partner should be 100% satisfied that you have chosen the right name for your baby.

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  1. Sometimes, picking baby's name is hard to do because you must consider those things. And sometimes it's also fun to do especially when you are excited to call her/him with that name.

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